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We are a dynamic, fast-paced company continually striving to be of the best in the business. To illustrate our drive and commitment to excellence, in less than 40 years we have grown from a small California drilling company to one of the largest oil and gas producers in the U.S., and one of the world s largest publicly traded oil and gas company based on reserves and production. We are currently recruiting for the following positions located on our Offshore Installation PS-1.


Job Duties
Perform general maintenance and repair activities (hands on) on all mechanical equipment in the offshore installation, in a safe and efficient manner; maximize productivity throughout the effective use of all available resources. Closely work with other fellow workers from his own and other departments to accomplish effective cross training.

Minimum Requirements

  • Five-Seven years experience in Petrochemical or Oil & Gas Industry
  • Experience preferably with intervention in the maintenance and repair of mechanical equipment utilized in offshore installations, such as Gas turbines and diesel engines for electric power generation, centrifugal and positive displacement pumps, reciprocating and screw type air compressors, cranes, gas compressors, etc.

Uzma Group
68 Fraser Business Park,
Jalan Metro Pudu 2, 55200 KL, Malaysia

  1. My name is Benny wahyudi age 41th Indonesian nationality, I am still working for the company in Nigeria as a heavy equipment mechanic job 12 weeks 3 weeks of rest, this is my phone number +234-8027527646 thank you.

    note: if there is a chance I am very interested in working in the Middle East

  2. Dear Sir /Madam,

    Please find attached the CV for Instrumentation —-Supervisor / Sr.Technician.
    I have Petrochemical, power and gas field experienced.
    My qualification Diploma Instrumentation.
    I have 9 years Experienced.
    If there is any requirement please contact me.
    This is my mobile no.0096565601691.
    Thanking you sir,
    T. Durga Rao

  3. Job skill di maintenante sub cont ex Vico sy ingin mencoba per yg lain tlg info klu ada untk maintenant gas comp reciprocating

  4. Istiawan( Iwan) Kp. Rawa Lele, Rt.10,Rw.01, No.61 Kalideres, Jakarta Barat
    email :, Phone: +6221. 5459102, post code: 11830.



    Personal Information

    Full Name : Istiawan Karnoto
    Gender : Male
    arital status : Married
    Nationality :Indonesia
    Passport No. : AL 036038
    Hometown : Jakarta
    Country of residence : Qatar
    Address : Arwa Residence Building Flat no. 14 B
    Al Matar Al Qadeem
    City : Doha
    Contact number Mobile : +974 6709699
    Email address :

    Career Interest

    NDT Personnel, or Maintenance

    Executive Summary

    1 Dye Penetrant Testing Level II Certificate No :SNT-PT-090447
    2 Magnetic Particle Testing Level II Certificate No :SNT-PT-090449
    3 Ultrasonic Testing Level II Certificate No :SNT-PT-090443
    4 Eddycurrent Testing Level I Certificate No :SNT-PT-090451
    5 F100 Boroscope Inspection of Aircraft Engine
    6 F100 Calibration and compensation of the compasses incld compiling of the compass deviation charts.
    7 F100 Weighing and Balancing
    8 Aircraft Mechanic Airframe and Engine Course
    9 Maintenance of F100 and F70 Brake and Overhaul
    10 Aviation Security Awareness Course Held by Qatar Airways In Qatar
    11 Airside Driving Course Held by Qatar Aviation Services in Qatar
    12 Ramp Safety Awareness Course Held by Qatar Aviation Services in Qatar
    13 Dale Carnegie`Employee Development Course (Team work Building)
    14 Team work Building Course Held by Asia Works
    15 Team work Building Course Held by Dynamic Motivation Center

    Education and Professional Qualification

    Highest Academic Qualification / Majority :

    1978 – 1980 Technical High School

    1992 Aircraft Turbine Engines ( A4 )

    Professional Qualifications and Certifications:
    Aircraft Turbine Engine (A4), NDT Operator (Eddy Current, Ultrasonic, Penetrant,Magnetic ), Boroscope Inspection, F100 calibration, F100 Weighing and Balancing, Brake Maintenance and Overhaul.

    Summary of Skills

    Language Reading Writing Speaking Listening
    English Fair Fair Fair Fair

    Computer and Non-technical skill:
    Computer skills : Microsoft Office (Word, Excel)
    Soft Skills : Management skills, problem solving skills and team leadership in aviation industry.

    Working Experience

    Position : Mechanic
    Company : Qatar Aviation Services
    Period : February 2008 to Present

    Position : General Affairs
    Company : Busana Rama Textile and Garment
    Period : July 1997 to December 2005
    Job Duties / Achievements : Legal Affairs and Industrial Relations
    Supervising in Security, House
    KeepingTransportation and Maintenance

    Position : Workshop Division
    Company : Sempati Air
    Period : February 1981 to June 1997
    Job Duties / Achievements :
    NDT Operator for F100, F70, F27, B737-200- A.300
    Wheel and Brake Assembling for F100, F70, F27, B737-200
    Aircraft Mechanics, Cabin Maintenance.
    Battery and Life Vest Shop Assembling and Servicing
    GSE Coordinator.

    -End of Resume-

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