General Manager Operations PT Tapin Coal Terminal

PT Tapin Coal Terminal


A Fast growing independent coal terminal company in South Kalimantan, which is a subsidiary of a large Indonesian based group of companies, is seeking an energetic and ambitious qualified professional to join its management team as a

General Manager Operations (GMO)


  • Responsible for all coal terminal operations.
  • Responsible for the management of all coal terminal assets and the maximization all coal terminal resources to achieve target output.
  • Responsible for the strict compliance of operational procedures.
  • Ensure customers’ satisfaction.

Required Skills

  • Able to plan optimal implementation strategy of the company’s policy in the terminal.
  • Able to monitor and ensure the implementation of the above plan in the terminal short term and long term operational activities.
  • Able to control and evaluate the effectiveness of the implementation of the above plan, and solicit feedback for the improvement of the company’s policy.
  • Able to review and analyze the results of implementing the company’s policy, and recommend improvement of the policy if needed.
  • Able to direct and lead the whole terminal organization for the successful implementation of the company’s policy and strategy.
  • Able to analyze and solve operational problems within the terminal organization as well as with the terminal’s customers.


  • Minimum 10 years coal terminal operational experience.
  • Minimum university bachelor degree (S1) in engineering/science or management or business.
  • Demonstrated leadership quality.
  • Proven ability to lead an organization with over 100 personnel.

Please forward you curriculum vitae with cover letter to:

PO BOX 2490 JKP 10024
Or email,


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