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Web Developer

Job Description:

  • Work on projects including web-based applications, website enhancements, desktop applications, database-backed websites and web layout enhancements.
  • Work within a team environment to address the programming needs of Visionary Web clients.
  • Participate in processes concerning the architecture of new applications to meet client needs.
  • Code web pages utilizing XHTML and CSS. Following industry standards.
  • Work in several programming languages including SQL, PHP, and JavaScript as well as combinations of languages such as AJAX.
  • Work in several development frameworks including .NET, Ruby on Rails, Smarty, and PEAR.
  • Work with a variety of database systems including MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server among others. Work within a variety of database frameworks including ODBC and ADO.
  • Responsible for working on multiple projects simultaneously as directed by management.
  • Reviews, analyzes and modifies web systems including documenting, designing, developing, testing, monitoring, and maintaining as specified by management.
  • Install or customize modules and features for Open Source and proprietary software packages including Website Baker and Joomla!.
  • Work with Apache and Microsoft IIS web servers. Interact with servers using FTP, Telnet, and SSH protocols.
  • Participate in review and company meetings concerning projects and programs.
  • Document work-time and processes as specified by management.
  • Responsible for meeting set goals and deadlines as determined by management.
  • Provide solutions and exceed expectations of MMG clients and management.
  • Communicate effectively with clients in a courteous and respectful manner.
  • Proficient in English and Indonesian.

Responsibilities of programmer:

  • Arrive on time and prepared to work – as directed by supervisor.
  • Be courteous and respectful of all MMG customers and employees.
  • Document all work – billable and non-billable time as directed
  • Meet billable time targets as directed by management.
  • Ask questions of your supervisor if you have questions.
  • Work in a team environment to complete projects in a timely manner. Must be able to work independently as well.
  • Strong time management and organizational skills with the ability to multitask.
  • Desire to stay up-to-date on current and emerging technologies.


  • At least a 2 year degree (Bachelor degree preferred) in a computer-related field (computer science/programming).
  • Advanced knowledge of standards-based XHTML and CSS coding (not WYSIWIG)
  • Knowledge of programming languages including PHP and XML.
  • Extensive experience designing web sites.
  • Experience with both Microsoft and Linux operating systems.
  • Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office applications.
  • Experience with web-based software applications.
  • Above average written and verbal communication skills.
  • Web development related certifications highly desirable.

To apply, send CV with cover letter to: opening@marliem.com


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