Port Manager PT Riau Andalan Pulp & Paper (RAPP)

PT Riau Andalan Pulp & Paper (RAPP)


APRIL (Asia Pacific Resources International Holding Limited) is one of the leading players in the global fiber, pulp and paper industry. Headquartered in Singapore, APRIL has principal fiber plantations and manufacturing operations in Indonesia.

For further information on APRIL, please refer to http://www.aprilasia.com.

We are looking for YOU to Join one of biggest single mill in the world, located in Pangkalan Kerinci, Riau (nearby Pekanbaru) as:

Implement daily operation, plan for cargo fondling operation, identifies operational bottle necks & initiates prompt remedied. Execute coordination with superior, shipping, transport & port user concerning cargo handling for smooth logistic function Implement & monitor SOP for cargo handling, & marine operation. To manage, improving, organizing subordinate to create team work continuously & sense belonging, identify skill of subordinate in force & assist to devise on job training & formal training to remedy deficiency.

Responsible to supervise HR activities: recruitment, personnel admin, general affair, industrial relation, organization and development. Responsible to design, implement, & monitor SOP HRD and Human Resources Management strategies & policies in companies based on long-term strategy & short term that has accordance with government regulations in order to obtain human resources by the performance, capabilities & competencies in accordance with the desired company.

Responsible for establish departmental strategy, organization, objectives, structures and system to achieve maximum department effectiveness, act as coordinator between other division: Energy, Wood Handling, and Maintenance. Paper to achieving planned target. Develop and control annual budget to ensure maximum cost effectiveness of production cost, Monitoring budget performance on a regular basic to insure compliance is cost forecasts.

Responsible to supervise Power & Plant operation includes Production (Power Boiler, Recovery Boiler, Water Treatment, and Turbines), Maintenance (Mechanical, electrical, Electrical, PSD, DCS and Instrument) & Technical Department. Responsible for safe and efficient operation of plant systems in accordance with plant procedures and rules, by developing and implementing procedures, system and methods to reduce risks to health & promote safety awareness to create a sale working environment for employees.

Responsible for inventory control (chemical, Consumables and Spare parts). Handling spare part 300 items receipt, GRN in SAP per day. Responsible to handling spare part issuing to 6 companies; Business Unit within the group. Stoke take of spare parts, all Chemical, raw material. Fuel receipt of about 300.000 liters of MPO, Solar including inspection and uploading 30 trucks on daily basic.

Responsible for all accounting transactions, to ensure that all transaction are comply with all relevant standards and policies, produce, monthly tax financial statements. Responsible for internal control and audit. Prepare reports to government tax officer. Reconciliation Monthly Tax Report. Verification and analyses of the reported amount of tax and the tax amount is inputted in the system to ensure truth and accuracy of data.

Conducting an initial comprehensive security survey of Port Facility taking into account the relevant port facility security assessment undertaking regular security inspection of the port facility, ensure the continuation of appropriate security measures, implementing & exercising the port facility security plan. Ensuring that standards for personnel responsible for security of the port facility.


Procurement activity including sourcing, RFQ, Bidding, Negotiation, and Purchase Order issuing. Analyzes market conditions: keeps abreast of trends: explores sources of supply; studies new products: and researches departments’ requests for all products and commodities. Studies new products; determines vendor from whom purchases will be made; places orders; negotiates and renews contracts; investigates complaints and secures adjustments; follow up on deliveries.

9. WELDER – GTAW (Gas Tungsten Arc Welding)/SMAW (Shield Metal Arc Welding)/MIG (Gas Metal Arc Welding)
Supporting and assisting to the best of the ability in the development arid progression of new techniques, processes, systems and work practices. To ensure that all defect to material, components or equipment s reported to the Operations Manager Ensure all relevant drawings, procedures and instructions are to the latest revisions prior to work commencing.


Bachelor or Master of Mechanical, Electrical, Instrument, DCS, IT Engineering, Accounting with minimum GPA 3.30

Bachelor degree in Agriculture (Agronomy or Horticulture) with minimum GPA 2.75


  • Master Mariner, minimum 2 years as master on ocean, going ships (1)
  • Bachelor degree or degree with related background educational & experience (2,5,8) • Bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering or Pulp and Paper Technology (3)
  • Bachelor degree in accounting (6)
  • Bachelor degree in Marine
  • Having 5-10 years of experience related to the job
  • Familiar with related & international materials, systems, codes & standards
  • Having experience in Pulp and Paper industry is advantage
  • Having Power Plant Related experience (4)
  • Good knowledge & experience on Human Resources Management (2)
  • Good knowledge on international shipping practices, logistics/freight costs, cargo/container forest product handling, warehousing (1,7)
  • Warehouse management experience in a large mill with SAP system (5)
  • Having PFSO certificate (7)
  • Having GTAW or SMAW Welder certificate (9)

For those who interest to join with us and have the required qualification, please submit the comprehensive resume and application letter in English to: recruitment_riau@aprilasia.com (please put position as email subject) or by mail to (put position in the envelope): PT. Riau Andalan Pulp & Paper, Recruitment, Mill Office lantai 1, Pangkalan Kerinci, Kabupaten Pelalawan, Riau 28300.

  1. DURI , 20 maret , 2016

    Hal : Lamaran kerja

    Kepada yth :
    bapak/ibu pimpinan PT Rian andalan pulp and paper (rapp) pangkalan kerinci kabupaten palalawan riau

    Dengan Hormat,
    dengan surat ini saya ingin menajukan lamaran kerja diperusahaan bapak/ibuk pimpin.

    Nama : Amal Andrianto
    tempat/tanggal/lahir: padang pariaman, sumbar
    pendidikan terakhir : SMA
    usia : 24tahun
    status : lajang
    nmor hp : 085271880887

    Demikian surat lamaran saya atas surat lamaran kerja saya kepada bapak/ibuk pimpinan saya ucapkan terima kasih.

    Hormat saya

    Amal Andrianto

  2. Medan, 11 November 2015
    Kepada Yth,
    Bapak/Ibu Pimpinan HRD
    Mill Office lantai 1, Pangkalan Kerinci, Kabupaten Pelalawan,
    Riau – 28300.

    Dengan hormat,
    Berdasarkan informasi yang saya peroleh bahwa perusahaan yang Bapak/Ibu pimpin membutuhkan Staff baru.
    Bersama surat lamaran ini saya,
    Bernama : Rizal Piltrans Silaban, SP
    Tempat Tanggal Lahir : Pangkalan Kerinci, 09 Oktober 1993
    Usia : 22 Tahun
    Status : Lajang (TK)
    Pendidikan : Strata-1 (S1) Pertanian, Program Studi Agroekoteknologi Fakultas Pertanian, Universitas HKBP Nommensen, Medan dengan IPK 3,87.
    Bermaksud mengajukan lamaran sebagai Assistant Trainee untuk bekerjasama dengan perusahaan yang Bapak/Ibu pimpin. Sebagai bahan pertimbangan bagi Bapak/Ibu pimpinan, turut saya lampirkan:
    1. Curriculum Vitae (CV)
    2. Foto Copy Ijazah (Legalisir),
    3. Foto Copy Transkrip nilai (Legalisir),
    4. Foto Copy Kartu Tanda Penduduk (KTP) dan
    5. Pas foto ukuran 4 X 6
    6. Foto Copy Sertifikat yang mendukung.
    Besar harapan saya dapat bergabung dengan Perusahaan yang Bapak/Ibu pimpin dan bersama-sama memajukan lagi perusahaan ini. Untuk itu, saya bersedia untuk memberikan keterangan tambahan ataupun interview dari Bapak/Ibu.
    Demikian surat lamaran kerja ini saya buat dengan sebenarnya, atas perhatian dari Bapak/Ibu saya mengucapkan terimakasih.


    Rizal Piltrans Silaban, SP

  3. Pekanbaru, 10 November 2015

    Hal : Lamaran Pekerjaan

    Kepada Yth,
    Bapak/Ibu Pimpinan
    PT. Riau Andalan Pulp and Paper (RAPP)

    Dengan hormat,
    Saya yang bertanda tangan di bawah ini :

    Nama Lengkap : Stefany Putri
    Tempat/Tanggal Lahir : Medan / 9 Mei 1990
    Alamat : Jl. Pala V, Gang Palam
    No Telp/Email : 0853-6433-0947 / stefanyputri26@yahoo.com
    Status : Belum Menikah
    Pendidikan Terakhir : S1- Pendidikan Bahasa Inggris
    IPK Terakhir : 3.46

    Dengan ini mengajukan permohonan kerja pada perusahaan yang Bapak/Ibu pimpin. Sebagai bahan pertimbangan bersama surat ini, saya melampirkan :

    1. Daftar Riwayat Hidup
    2. Surat Keterangan Lulus (SKL)
    3. Fotocopy Kartu Tanda Penduduk (KTP)
    4. Foto 3×4 terbaru

    Saya berharap Bapak/Ibu bersedia meluangkan waktu untuk memberikan kesempatan wawancara, sehingga saya dapat menjelaskan secara lebih terperinci tentang potensi diri saya.

    Demikian surat lamaran ini, dan atas perhatian Bapak/Ibu saya mengucapkan terima kasih.

    Hormat saya

    Stefany Putri

  4. Pekanbaru, 04 OKTOBER 2015
    Bapak/ Ibu

    Dengan hormat,
    Berdasarkan informasi dari media online, Trovit terpadu lowongan pekerjaan di perusahaan tempat bapak/ ibu pimpin. melalui surat lamaran online ini saya mengajukan diri untuk melamar pekerjaan di perusahaan bapak/ ibu pimpin. guna mengisi posisi yang di butuhkan saat ini . saya yang bertanda tangan di bawah ini :

    Nama : Galih Prayogi Adel
    Tempat & Tanggal Lahir : Surabaya,
    01 OKTOBER 1993
    Jenis Kelamin : Laki -Laki
    Pendidikan : SMK PNKBM (IPS)
    Telefon : 082323652501
    @mail : Galihprayogi_adel@

    Untuk melengkapi beberapa data yang di perlukan sebagai bahan pertimbangkan Bapak /ibu pimpinan di waktu yang akan datang, saya lampirkan juga kelengkapan data diri sebagai berikut :

    1. Pass Photos
    2. Foto copy KTP
    3. Daftar Riwayat Hidup
    4. Foto Copy Ijasah Terakhir
    5. Foto Copy Reverensi kerja
    6. Foto Copy SKCK
    7. Foto Copy KK

    Demikian surat lamaran ini saya lampirkan lewat media online dengan sebenar-benarnya dan atas perhatian serta kebijaksanaan Bapak / Ibu Pimpinan saya mengucpkan terima kasih.

    Hormat saya
    Galih prayogi adel

  5. Assalamualaikum…Dengan ini saya bermaksud mengajukan lamaran kerja dengan latar belakang pendidikan S1 Ilmu Kesehatan masyarakat jurusan K3/SHE STIKes Payung negeri pekanbaru. Saya tertarik dan ingin bergabung di perusahaan yang Bapak/Ibu pimpin.

    Atas perhatian dan kesempatan yang diberikan saya ucapkan terima kasih.

    Dewi Husmaryuli

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