Crane Operator PT Supraco Deepwater


A Jakarta based company with more than 32 years experience in providing service to Oil and Gas Industry in Indonesia is seeking for the best candidates to fill the following position for an Offshore Rig:

  1. Asst. Driller
  2. Crane Operator
  3. Mechanic
  4. Electrician
  5. Radio Operator
  6. Welder ABS
  7. Pumpman
  8. Motorman
  9. Derrickman
  10. Head Roustabout
  11. Roustabout
  12. Floorhand
  13. Head Painter
  14. Painter


  1. Have minimum 3 years experience working on Offshore Rig
  2.  Able to communicate in English
  3. Good team player and endow with excellent interpersonal skill
  4. Have valid certification:
    1. BOSIET
    2. HUET
    3. Sea Survival
    4. Migas Certificate
    5. GMDSS, AGGR FOR Radio Operator

Please send your application with copy certification and reference to HR Department not more than January 4th 2011 to the following address.

PT. Supraco Deepwater
Jl. Pupuk Raya No. 58
Balikpapan – 76114
Telp. 0542 – 764873, 765011
E-mail: and

  1. Bapak/Ibu manajer PT.SUPRACO
    Apa Betul di PT Bapak/Ibu masih membutuhkan operator crane
    Apa perlu masih memerlukan saya
    Berkenan bergabung Bapak/Ibu
    Nama:Siat Sihombing
    No Telepon:082173673242
    Sertifikat Yg Ada: KM C migas
    Umur:44 Thn
    Menguasai berbagai bidang crane
    1.Clewere crane
    2.Mobil Crane
    3.Rap.Ter crane
    4.Dan Over Head crane
    Demikianlah Saya Menceritakan Apa Adanya Kiranya Bapak/Ibu MempertimbangkanNya dan Sebelum dan sesudah saya Ucapan kan Terima Kasih

  2. Bapak /Ibu Manager PT.Supraco Saya mau tanya ada Lowongan untuk Posisi
    Assiten Driller / Pumpman sebelum nya saya ucapkan terima kasih dan
    saya tunggu Info nya .

  3. Yg terhormat
    Bapak/ibu pimpinan
    PT supraco depwaker
    Apa betul di PT bapak/ibu masih membutuh kan operator crane
    Apa bila masih membutuhkan saya berkenan bergabung di perusahan bapak/ibu
    Nama:Agus mardani
    No tlpon: 082158848605
    Sertifikat yg di miliki: KM C migas
    Umur:26 thn
    Pernah bekerja di drilling migas skiranya saya di butuhkan persyaratan lainya menyusul
    Atas perhatian bapak/ibu saya ucapkan terima kasih

  4. Dear Sir/Mom,

    In conjunction with the need of employee in your Company, I would like to submit a job application as a Radio Operator at your Company.
    I would particulary welcome the change to work for your Company and as you will notice on my enclosed Curriculum Vitae, The job you are offering mathes both my personal and education back ground.
    I would be pleased to discuss my Curriculum Vitae with you in more detail at an Interview. In meantime, please do not hesitate to contact me if you require futher information. I look forward to hearing good news from you.

    Sincerely Yours,

    Hasry Yusry A.T

  5. Dengan Hormat,-
    Bpk & Ibu Manager PT.SUPRACO,perkenankanlah Saya bernama HERDINAR .untuk memperkenalkan diri maupun mengajukan harapan kerja untuk posisi
    ROUSTABOUT,di perusahan Bpk & Ibu Maneger PT. SUPRACO
    Dengan keterangan saya memiliki passpor maupun seaman book, card T Fuet, T-Bosiet , fire fithing , T banksman slinger , mcu yang masik berlaku maupun masih aktif dipercaya, bilamana di butuh kan saya siap untuk interviu maupundi tugaskan di mana saja .

    Atas Nama
    No phone : 081210729377 & 082111619699

  6. bapa/ibu,supraco.
    saya melihat ada lowongan di pt.yg bapa ibu pimpin.
    dengan saya mau tanya SIO crane jenis apa yg bapa ibu butuhkan.
    saya punya sio kelas C.jenis crawler.dan saya perna bekerja di area total.dan sekarang ini saya bekerja di rig kutai #3.punya vico indonesia.lokasi mutiara.atas kerja samanya.saya ucapkan banyak2 terima kasi.

  7. Due to completion of my assigment with Drilling and Workover Barge and Jack Up Rig in the oil and gas company,I find my self in the situation of seeking new employment.

    Bambang Urip Setiawan
    Deck Supervisor / Crane Operator.

  8. I have experiened approx 23 years as a Radio Operator on Offshore Rigs/Barges and 2 yrs on onshore Rig. I’ve some certificates i.e GOC/GMDSS certificate, Bosiet/Huet, some Safety trainings cert,
    can speak and write in English, assist Safety Officer in paper works adminnistracion also for crew, muster lists, handled Work Boats, Helicopter and pax, rooms for all.
    I am a good team work one, trusty, honest to Supv, loyal to company.
    I am ready to be called at any time.

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