4 Positions PT. Sinergy Daya Makmur

Urgent Required

For Offshore Over Seas Project
1. Camp Bosses
2. Western Cooks
3. National Cooks
4. Steward

Applicant must have :
1. Passport
2. Seaman Book
3. Basic Safety Training
4. Food Hygiene Certificated
5. Helicopter Under Water Escape Training

Immediate hire.

Please send your CV not later than December 2008, to :
Jl. Persatuan I No. 9, Rumbut
Pasir Gunung Selatan, Cimanggis
PO. BOX 1347 JKS 12013

  1. Dear Mr/Ms

    i looking for position steward and i have a lot of experienced at offshore vessel for long times.if your have
    vacancy i hope please call me.

    Best regards

  2. i’m bambang live in medan
    looking for position as steward
    i have experience as cabin steward in cruise line for 4 years
    and i still have usa visa untill 2012
    if you have vacancy please contac me

    your faithfully

    bambang irawan

  3. 1.

    Dear Mr/Ms

    i looking for position Chef and i have a lot of experienced at Hotel and Cruises Ship.I am graduated from NHI Bandung.My information,you can look in my Facebook.Email :j4vier_4rk4@yahoo.co.id.if you have
    vacancy i hope please call me.

    Best regards

    Indra Herdian
    Posted on 0ct 16,2009

  4. Dear Manager

    My name is Dedi Setiawan
    Mobile Phone : 081317747576
    from indonesia ,

    Im seeing your fast growing
    organization and I heard that your company has a good reputation, so I would
    like to join with your company as Any Position,I am 30 years of age and
    I graduated from Marine Technical College (BP3IP), Jakarta
    I have an excellent health, high motivation, good communication skill, computer
    skill, creative, high loyalty, integrity, I am ready to work hard, and highly
    motivated to works every where.
    I holder certificate engineer class III and experience in Tanker,Cargo,Ro-ro and Bulk carry vessel,I will be very appreciated if you could give in opportunity to work in your company.
    However Herewith I enclose my curriculum vitae, which will give details of my
    I am looking forward to hearing from you in the near future.
    Thank you for your consideration and attention.

    Sincerely yours,

  5. i lake to join this company,so i would as company position,i am 35 years and iam non skill,i have skiil WELDER SMAW 6GR AND FCAW 6GR ,communication small but not good.I have cer
    tification Weld company.how ever here with close my curriculum vitae.which will give detail of my qalification. Thank you for attention . SINCERELY

  6. Dear,Mr/Mis

    I’m looking for vacancy in your company and expectancy respond soon


    Dear,Mr /Mis

    My complete data as follow:
    Jl. Dusun Labuaja No.2 Belopa Luwu
    HP. 081355366676 / 02137491979
    Date of Birth : November 27th 1976
    Place of Birth : Lamunre / Indonesia
    Height : 175 cm
    Weight : 75 Kg
    Health : Excelent
    No Name of Document Document Number Date of Issued Date of Expire
    1 Pasport U 188595 Makasar, 07-12-2009 07 December 2014
    2 Seaman Book S 033352 Makasar, 20-08-2009 18 March 2011


    No Type of certificate Certificate Number Date of Issued Date of Expire
    1. ATT III 6200105087T30405 Jakarta, 12-07-2005
    2. COE E0039830 Singapore, 7 July 2008 21 July 2010
    3. Endorsement 6200105087TC0405 Jakarta, 21 December 2009 21 December 2014

    No Type of certificate Certificate Number Date of Issued
    1. PSCRB 6200105087040710
    Jakarta, 10 February 2010
    2. OT 6200105087100710
    Jakarta, 12 February 2010
    3. BST 6200105087010710
    Jakarta, 12 February 2010
    4. TF 6200105087090710
    Jakarta, 12 February 2010
    5. AFF 6200105087060710
    Jakarta, 18 February 2010
    6. MEFA 6200105087070406 Makasar, 15 March 2006
    7. ISM CODE 020/ISM Code/PIP.MKS-04 Makasar, 22 February 2005

    Vessel Flag Company Type GRT H/P Rank From to Reason
    T.Perdana Panama TL. GH Survey 2270 3800 3rd ENG 21-07-2005
    11-02-2006 F.C
    Dewi Samudra III Indonesia Nusantara Lines Container 3259 3500 2nd ENG 25-03-2006
    21-12-2006 F.C
    Mandala Nusantara Indonesia Nusantara Lines Container 2590 2037 2nd ENG 23-02-2007
    02-11-2007 F.C
    Giseng Malaysia Daizun Container 2344 3000 2nd ENG 25-12-2007
    25-04-2008 F.C
    Asean Victory Singapore Glory Bulk Carrier 12916 8000 2nd ENG 30-062008
    11-07-2009 F.C
    Labitra carmel kingstown Singapore Tugboat 669 3585 C.ENG 27-12-2009
    07-04-2010 Request
    Parakeet Kingstown DEME Inc Multi Purpose 276 3000 C.ENG 23-06-2010
    16-08-2010 Vocation

    You’re faithfully,
    Last my salary 135/Day

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